Juepa Je!

Dear Uncle Omar in Italy,
You missed a fine party. Though we were downright heartbroken that you could not attend, we managed to nevertheless have some fun. Fortunately, Uncle Norbert brought his new video camera, and we were able to capture much of that fun on tape! For your convenience, I've attached my favorite bit of footage, which came during one of our spontaneous sing-alongs.

In this piece, you'll see my dad handling lead vocals, while Titi Ida sings back-up. The docs had said that my dad's knee surgery would prevent him from much strenuous activity, but, as you can plainly see here, the docs were mistaken. It's a miracle!


Please feel free to share with your new Italian friends.

Actually, this is the video for “Simple Graces,” the lead single off of Delorean’s True Panther Sounds debut, Subiza, named for the Basque town in which it was recorded. Juepa je!

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Stephen, you made my morning. Hysterical video.

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Hips don'tie!

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...or lie.