Drinking Rum

I’ll be up by 3am tomorrow morning, on my way to JFK International Airport to board an early flight to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Once in Aguadilla, we will rent a small car and drive a few miles to my aunt’s guest house, which is situated atop a lovely little hill in the great beach town of Rincon. I will spend the next five days there, drinking rum and thinking about nothing in particular.

There will be no computers, and there will be very limited cell phone service. There will be lots of rum, and lots of beer, and lots of time spent in the ocean.

I’m also hoping to run into the Vivian Girls.

Kal Rubinson's picture

Rincon is nice place. Do you surf?Kal

Stephen Mejias's picture

I watch. :)
My uncle is working at the Rip Curl World Surf Contest!

Nick Brown's picture

Is this just a blog to gloat or are we going to get reviews of rum libations?Surf contest sounds cool.

John Atkinson's picture

I thought you said you wouldn't have Internet access on vacation, Stephen? If you do, I could send you some January issue proofs to read. :-)

Justin's picture

Crap! Forgot the boss reads this thing.

Andy's picture

Lucky bugger. Looks like a wonderful place to pass the time. Enjoy.