(Don’t F With) Dre Day

You might’ve noticed my big smiling mug on the stereophile.com home page today, calling attention to my review of Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. When I posed for that picture—a few months ago and with a hellish hangover from a night of fun spent at John DeVore’s Monkeyhaus—I had no idea that I’d be today’s top model. The photo was the work of our sneaky web monkey, Jon Iverson. I came into the office, went to our site, and spit coffee all over my monitor. Hilarious.

My mom saw the picture this morning and commented, “You should’ve shaved, Stevie.” Jeez, thanks, ma.

I had meant it to be an ordinary blog entry dealing with Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, but, by the time I’d gotten to the end (and with consideration from Jon Iverson and John Atkinson), it had turned into something else. So, we have a web-exclusive review. And Jon Iverson informs us that this review happens to be the 999th entry posted to our home page since switching to the blog-style layout.

In my review of the Beats, my preference for the Phiaton MS 400 headphones is made clear: “While I was greatly impressed by the Beats, I ultimately preferred the Phiatons’ more musical performance.”

Now I’m just hoping that Dr. Dre doesn’t put a cap in my ass. (Dre, I love you, man! Please don’t F with me. I really didn’t mean to F with you. Bow wow wow?) If you’d like to comment on my review, my horrible looks, my wretched taste in music, or anything else, please do so here. Thanks.

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You look like a pervert on this pictureWhy can't you shave??

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While I don't doubt that these headphones are impressive to some, should they be featured on Stereophile? These get enough attention as it is from all the marketing $ thrown at it. As you have shown, lesser known brands/products can be BETTER for CHEAPER. Again while they may be good, they definitely do not warrant a $350 price tag and the attention from the masses that are saving up for months so they can afford them. All in all products like these make me sick. Make a mediocre product, attach a famous name to it and watch the money roll in - end rant.P.S. Steven - Check out the Cowon S9 as a replacement for you ipod. Sound quality is tops. My S9 and HD 280 pros sound great and cost less than ONE pair of MONSTER BEATS alone.

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I just love the way you refer to your 'hi-fi' in the review. Cute. Shows you don't subscribe to the audiophile snob way of thinking.The review ALMOST made me interested in the 'beats' but I'm holding out for a set of HD-800's albeit with no noise cancelling and 4 times the price!

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Oh Lord Stephen you look spunky in headphones, hung-over or not.Now if I could just get you to remove those stupid stools between you speakers and listening chair and convert you to being a fairy ...........................

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I own a pair of Beats. They are not the best sounding headphones but, they excel because they are made for portable devices and do not need any kind of external "audiophile" headphone amp to enjoy. They are powerful sounding, pretty comfortable and look extremely stylish.

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In the immortal words of Navin R. Johnson, "That guy with the gun must hate headphones!"

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I meant to say "Cans."

"That guy with the gun must hate cans!"

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I knew it would finally happen, Stephen. You went upriver - and look what happens. They were grooming you for a slot in the corporation. Now you are on the road to be a stinky reviewer. Your mis-eduction is becoming complete. Your worm has been turned.It will likely be lots of fun. It may involve Scotch. It usually does.

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