Dear Science

In the meantime, while waiting for Santogold, I have chanced upon so many other wonderful musicians and albums. I have had much to keep me occupied. Never, in fact, have I been without something new and exciting and moving. There is always something extraordinary to listen to. If anything, I am overwhelmed by all there is to discover. I worry that I will never be able to hear it all. This vinyl thing has led me to all sorts of interesting sounds.

From John Handy to Herbie Hancock to Syclops. From Ornette Coleman to Freddie Hubbard to Hank Crawford. From The Byrds to Fleet Foxes. From Paul Simon to Ryan Adams. From El Gran Combo to Saoco to Santana. From Hugh Masekela to Dr. John to Van Morrison to Grails to Molombo to Grupo Folklorico to Xiu Xiu to Leila to Rodriguez. There is always something brilliant to enjoy.

It drives me crazy.

Many of these have been happy accidents. I walk into a record store with nothing much in mind, but a craving for something new, and I walk out satisfied. But, oh hell yes oh, there is an album that just came out this week. And when I next walk into a record store, it will be very deliberate and with great purpose. I'll walk out with this album, and I'll race home with it, and before I even get home I'll probably tear through the plastic wrap to admire the liner notes, and when I get home the album will be ready to spin on the Rega, and I'll drop the needle and sit down and be more than satisfied.

Dear Science, the new album from TV On The Radio is available now. Shit better be on vinyl or I might just die. This band makes the music that I wish I could make. TV On The Radio makes me want to get the proverbial band back together. Their music is simultaneously melancholy and uplifting, simple and complex, new and old. Their music is undeniably New York City. It's funny because on their Myspace page, their sound is characterized as a'cappella/surf/rap, and I think they're joking but when you really think about it, a'cappella/surf/rap pretty much sums it up perfectly.

You can listen to the entire album on the band's Myspace page. The tracks, "Stork and Owl," "Family Tree," and "Love Dog," hurt the most.

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Yup. It's on vinyl. I was in a shop yesterday and saw it there. Don't forget new Cold War Kids dropped this week too!

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It's good to hear from someone who thinks there's plenty of good music to listen to. I'm always surprised to hear from the whiners who complain about how there's nothing good to buy. There's more than I have the time or money to buy and listen to.

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Yup, 2nd Cold War Kids and this TVOTR is great. Saw BOTH of these bands in San Diego last weekend. Most excellent shows. The CWK doesn't ship on vinyl until the end of the month. How do I know? My preorder was delayed at my local little indie record shop. BTW, they played a private show at my local little indie record shop this week to about 100 fans, now that was amazing :-)

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Do not forget the new Jenny Lewis album, Acid Tougue. Great on vinyl.

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tvotr's Wolf like me is pretty cool.and dont forget: