Dark Night of the Soul

Pain: I guess it's a matter of sensation

Been listening to this all afternoon. And loving it! What an interesting concept. A collaboration between Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, and director David Lynch, an intelligent marketing scheme, a creative way of getting people excited about music.

Music editor Robert Baird happens to have a reviewer's advance copy of Dark Night of the Soul. Let's see if I can get him to consider it as an upcoming "Recording of the Month."

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I am really enjoying this album. A lot of people are saying it would be better suited as a movie soundtrack, but, in my opinion, it coheres as an album, without having to be tied to a movie.

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Can you clarify this? Cursory web searches reveal quite a scandal around the release of this album, with Danger Mouse including a blank CD-R with the David Lynch art booklet in the face of EMI attempting to quash the audio release. The NPR Stream is lo-fi at best. Is Mr. Baird's copy a good sign, or an early copy of a now defunct project. If the artist is promoting the free downloading of this album, (a la NIN) where is the .flac leak?

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Robert Baird will want to hold on to that reviewer copy, because it looks like it's destined to be an instant collectible. According to the album website (dnots.com), Danger Mouse and EMI have had a falling out and the books will be issued with a blank CD-R in place of the CD. Copies circulating via various torrent sites appear to be medium bitrate MP3 copies. We audiophile may be out of luck unless we can find one of those "reviewer copies" on eBay.

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Wow, those handbags look like a good deal! JK, Stephen, you gotta check out Lux Vivens by Jocelyn Montgomery and David Lynch!