If you can find some of the oldest issues of Stereophile, you'll see that several of the covers hold a short, sweet, often humorous "AUDIO VERITY." These nuggets of hi-fi wisdom were written by Stereophile founder, J. Gordon Holt.

Here are just a few:

AUDIO VERITY: High fidelity in an auto is like Arpege in a glue factory.

AUDIO VERITY: A music lover is someone whose disc of Also Sprach Zarathustra has as much wear on Side 2 as on Side 1.

AUDIO VERITY: Things that should be audible but aren't are more tolerable than things that shouldn't be but are.

AUDIO VERITY: If a component cannot properly reproduce the musical middle range, then its other performance attributes are irrelevant.

AUDIO VERITY: No one judges reproduced sound with more confidence than the audiophile who has never heard live music.

AUDIO VERITY: Audiophiles collect discs; music-listeners collect recordings.

AUDIO VERITY: Distortion-free audio systems can only be afforded by those too old to hear the distortion.

AUDIO VERITY: Presbycusis is nature's way of suggesting you take up photography.

AUDIO VERITY: If four irreplaceable screws are dropped, three will be found.