Attention Screen at YASI

And on Saturday, April 24th, Attention Screen performed at Yamaha’s Artist Services concert hall. The performance was recorded by John Atkinson for a future Stereophile CD, the band’s third, scheduled to be released at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October. It was an excellent night of music. Check out the images in our Gallery.

Stu G's picture

How was attendance? Great band and terrific recordings to date.

Trey's picture

Wow, that was great! Now why do I want a cigarette?

John Atkinson's picture

The Fire Marshall limit was 115 and we almost got to that limit.

Bob Reina's picture

Thanks to all who attended the Attention Screen show at YASI. I had a blast playing that amazing piano. We're listening to a rough mix of the recording and it's going to be difficult to decide which tracks to put on the CD.