A Watering Hole for the Soul

Photo: Michael Lavorgna

My friend, Michael Lavorgna, was at last week's Monkeyhaus listening party. I hope you'll read his thoughts on the evening. An excerpt:

It's not exactly that these Monkeyhaus events are about friends, music and hifi (which they are). It's more about the actual experience that listening to music on a hifi among friends engenders—an appreciation for what music is and what it does to us. Music is a bottomless well; a watering hole for the soul. And while it can be a wonderfully fulfilling solitary experience, our time at the Monkeyhaus reminds us that music is not about solitary things. Music helps place us in a filled-up world. It makes room for us and allows us to seek out like-minded souls. It makes us feel welcome. It makes us feel inside and outside ourselves simultaneously.

Dieta's picture

Monkeyhaus listening parties are very enjoyable. Thanks for the link, couple of his insights were my exact thoughts.

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My wife and I had a fun listening session on Friday night, we mostly listened to Riding With The King in surround and 2 channel and The River by Herbie Hancock. It was fun discussing why we preferred surround or two channel, and how the music affected us. We were amazed by how well the system was playing two channel! We had installed some new curtains and reran the auto setup on the Denon receiver. Wow the 2 channel sounds good now! On Saturday my friend Chris came over and we listened to Iron Man at 2496 (from a record I had ripped) to cd quality to 128 mp3. We started with the mp3 and went up. It was fun and Chris learned a lot. He is moving from compressed to uncompressed wma files on his Zune as a result. He is also waiting for me to rip the MotherLoad records I got recently. "Since I Been Loving You" is Chris's favorite song, and he had never heard it that good before. He started asking about vinyl playback gear, so that is exciting!Trey