A Stable Medium

Chris Sommovigo sent out a message this morning:

Interesting article today in The Globe and Mail about the impermanence of archival formats... Except vinyl.

Got me curious. Calling upon the author to explain, we learn:

In Britain, media have been reporting a strange mould affecting audiotape and videotape. Thousands of kilometres of magnetic tape have already been destroyed by the dust-like substance...

It seems, dear music lovers, that nature is rebelling against our inferior audio and video formats! It's almost like some summer blockbuster with that wonder-eyed Zooey Deschanel and what's his name.

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He f&*^ing threw away his Caruso 78s b/c he didn't think people still listened to vinyl!! ARgghghghg!!!

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Horrifying, isn't it?

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a book printed using 16th-century technology can still be easily read by any user. We don't have to find a 16th-century viewing-machine to see it through.Oh crap! I just upgraded to paper 2.0. Will that be a problem?

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The reason that Vinyl is archival is because it's not bio-degradable, thus very earth unfriendly. :D

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Actually professor AlexO, it's very earth friendly. What's truly unfriendly, hostile even, is a format that becomes obsolete in a decade or two and is unceremoniously swept into landfills. A vinyl LP in a paper sleeve that stays in use for 30-60 years is a whole lot more friendly than an aluminum and polycarbonate CD in a PVC jewelbox that someone chucks in a landfill in 7-8 years when it skips, or is ripped to their iPod.

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Actually john devore...they're ALL earth unfriendly, EXCEPT music downloaded online from the digital ether. You can't pollute the world with 1's and 0's. (well, thats debatable on another level, I suppose.)

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Actually Jerry...What do think the average life span is of the PC or hard drive you download that music onto? 2 - 5 years? Then a huge % of PCs are off to the landfill. Figure tens of millions of PCs in landfills already...and of course PCs are filled with lots of nice toxic stuff. (not to mention monitors)

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Just call me Al Goresky. :D

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I wonder if the strange Mould is Bob.

Sorry, obscure Husker Du joke.

Maybe when we go fully non-volatile with our digital music storage things will keep better. What's the life span of a flash drive thing? Glass CD's?