A Certain Feeling

For the last few days, in the midst of shipping the gorgeous September issue, I have been thoroughly enjoying the new release from Secretly Canadian's Bodies of Water, A Certain Feeling.

Jon Iverson says it borders on prog. More prog than anything. Ariel agrees. I wouldn't know, but I suppose they're right. Am I really enjoying something that can be described as prog?

First fusion, now this. What is going on with me?

Perhaps it's better to ask: What is going on with music? Good things are happening, and I expect better things to come.

For now, Bodies of Water matches the bewitching vocal harmonies of Fleet Foxes with thickly distorted guitars, carefree tempo shifts, and a delirious disregard for genre. And maybe that last point is what I like most about the album. The music goes in unforeseen directions, seemingly basing its course on the mood of the moment. And while this might seem somewhat indulgent, it's the sort of indulgence that brings a smile to my face every time, an indulgence that serves the music.

As is the case with all of my most favorite music these days, A Certain Feeling is available on vinyl. When you buy the vinyl, you also get a code for downloading the complete album as MP3 files. If you purchase the album directly from Secretly Canadian, I believe you also get a free poster.

Art, art, art. Art. Art, art. Art, art, art. Art!