Two Things, Quickly: Sexy & Sneaky

1. Sonic Youth — my favorite band — is working on a new album.

Their website lists some song titles: "Pink Steam," "Do You Believe in Rapture?," "Sleepin' Around."


They're recording this new album at Sear Sound.

Look for it sometime in 2006.

2. Drag City has announced that the Silver Jews — a band that totally never ever never ever never tours — will be going on tour.

From the press release:

Each tour stop will include a fiery oratorical performance, as Bob Nastanovich reads his challenge, "Address To the Men of This Town," a "professional-style" multimedia show, and country comedy by Kevin Guthrie and Corny Crow, along with all the love songs, parables, and slang you expect from Crook and Chase — I mean the Silver Jews!


Look for it sometime in March.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Just exactly how challenged are we when we name music groups Silver Jews? I nothing against silver, and certainly nothing against Jews. What statement is someone trying to make? I'm 58 and very old," so stay with me here. I am trying to get HIP! And it is not just this name as I look at the names of current popular groups and wonder...keep wondering...often times I just don't get it. 9 Inch Nails? I am going to try and start with naming ""vanilla"" as ""negative chocolate"". Hey", maybe I get it? Na. You make me wonder if the Jackson 5 actually had 8 members.

Whit Bissell's picture

I guess 9 in nails is today's answer to "Spike" Jones...