Jittering With What Happens Next

The February issue is just about done. I mean, we've...
I can't even think...

We've sent away all our little words, pictures, and ideas to become magically colorful, glossy, and bound.

It's a miracle, really.

This is when we all sort of flop around, waiting for something to happen.

Here we are, crowded together dumbly, jittering with What Happens Next(?!), trembling with What Are We Forgetting(?!), teeming with Did We Spell Everything Right(?!), and completely frigging overcome by Oh God, Is It Over(?!).

This is also when we make jokes about the next issue, the unborn.


John (flippantly leaning up against a wall, yawning): "So, we're going to have Scarlett Johansson on the cover of the next issue. Is there any connection to music?"
Robert (unfazed, confident): "We'll make a connection."
Stephen (hopeful, sincere): "Can I be the photographer?"

Elizabeth gives a look, shakes her head.


Jeff Wong's picture

I must find the Samuel French edition of this brief, but, brilliant play.

Nathan Loyer's picture

Why doesn't this blog publish an RSS feed?

John Atkinson's picture

And there was me, thinking that as we have to produce the next issue over the holiday break, that we might just not do a March issue, see if anyone noticed. But now Stephen has announced it, I guess we have to publish one :-(

eden's picture

I second the request for an RSS feed!would be nice.

Wonko the Sane's picture

Didn't she do karaoke in Lost in Translation?

Stephen Mejias's picture

>Didn't she do karaoke in Lost in Translation?
Bulls-eye. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.