You Want It

Sam Tellig doesn't call the office often. In the seven years that I've been at Stereophile, Sam has called only a handful of times. When he does call, however, it's serious. Sam just called.

I imagine he had to pry himself from his listening chair to do so, but he did. Most likely, in fact, it was the music that inspired him to pick up the phone.

"Hello Stephen. It's Sam Tellig."

"Oh! Hi Sam. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Yourself?"

"I'm well. What's up?"

"Stephen, have you read my latest column?"


"About the LFD Integrated?"


"You want it."

"I'm sorry?"

"Stephen, you want that amp."

"I do?"

"Stephen, it's the best integrated amplifier I've ever heard."



"I can't afford it, Sam, even at that price."

"It's not expensive."

"Anything over $500 is expensive for me."

"Gene Rubin and Fidelis take credit cards."

"I'm trying to pay mine off."

"You want it."

"You're evil."

"Heh heh heh."

He laughed his evil laugh!

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Sorry if I missed it somewhere, and I realize this isn't the most appropriate place for such a request, but is there an RSS feed of this available?Enjoy reading ...

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Hi anon.Thanks for reading. I'm sorry, but there's no RSS available for any of our blogs. We hope that you'll come back often, though.

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RSS would be great - I would read more of the blogs more often. I first asked Iverson about this 2 years ago.Come on you guys - make it easy for us to read what you write.

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Stephen, what amp is Sam talking about? I can't find the review online (and my subscription just started-- doesn't seem to be in the current issue)thanks