Custom Speakers and Sound

If you visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard's website, you can access a list of existing tenants. There, between David Melchior Cabinetry and December Box Design, you'll find

Business Name: DeVore Fidelity
Business Description: Manufacturer of custom speakers and sound
Building Number: 280
Suite Number: 510-512

If you visit DeVore Fidelity at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, you'll be greeted by a Silverback. He will be good to you. If you visit our Gallery, you'll see that I posted a few pictures. You'll see:

Tuners and Stuff
A Troop of Silverbacks and Some Silverbacks Sleeping
Four Tons of Drivers
John DeVore with His Baby Monkeys
Super 8s on the Assembly Line and Super 8s up Close

You'll also find a prototype of DeVore Fidelity's new speaker, The Nines. You'll gain a little insight into their development, you'll see where we demo'd them, and you'll hear what I thought of them.

There are some things I've been trying to say with the last couple of posts and certainly again with the Gallery photos. I think you can gain some knowledge of a person by examining the environment around that person; I think the character of a person is often beautifully present in the art or work that that person creates; and I'm happy to report that I think these things are easily evident in our industry, where, with certain exceptional components — take a loudspeaker, for instance — we find more than cabinets, drivers, and crossovers, we find a bit of the soul of its designer. I like to think it makes good sense that DeVore Fidelity is surrounded by the strength and beauty of great bridges and the passion and skill of busy artists.

It certainly makes sense to me.