Even Silent

They're very handsome, by the way. I've been meaning to mention that.

I like looking at them. I like looking up and seeing them there, even when I'm not listening to music. Even silent, I like them. They speak action, importance. Even silent, they speak. Action, importance, symmetry, balance. They look good. I was concerned that my place would be too small for them. I was concerned that my living space would be devoured by audio gear, consumed by cardboard boxes, Styrofoam padding, ugly cables. But this is not the case at all.

I get up easily, walk over, give them a gentle rap, let my hand run across the smooth, clean finish, and take a look around back. The handsome DeVore Fidelity gibbon 3 loudspeakers — Serial No. 325100054 — are not in the way of anything. They take nothing away. All they seem to do is give. They fit right in. My small, Jersey City living room is better, better, and more with the gibbon 3s around.

This speaker was handmade in New York City.

Like a fine instrument. They do make me proud.

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You should post a picture of your new gear, if you're comfortable with that. What stands are you using?

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>You should post a picture of your new gear, if you're comfortable with that. Totally. I really wanted to post a picture with this entry - and even considered not posting it at all until I could take a picture - but then just decided to go ahead with it. I'll try to take some pictures soon.>What stands are you using?I don't know anything about them, other than that they're old Target 24-inch stands. John DeVore also supplied them for me. He thinks they've been discontinued.