Not Yet

"Blog up, yet?" asks JA,
on his way out to get a sandwich.

I respond without looking away from our Products of the Year feature:

Relieved, perhaps, JA replies:
"I live in constant fear."

David Nighorn's picture

Perhaps JA should be in fear. The Apple Airport ought to get you a few responses! Although, I think that folks that hit the web and seek out this blog are probably more tech savvy than some of the magazine readers. The wave of the future (even for audiophiles) is to have all of our music stored in a lossless format and then streamed to our listening rooms. I already have this setup and it has completely transformed my listening. With every one of my records at hand, I can follow my muse - or my whims, and listen to anything that strikes me. it would be interesting to see a serious review of music streamers such as the Squeezebox.

Ward's picture

My Airport Express may have changed the way I listened to music more than my iPod did, if only because it's hooked up to my stereo rather than headphones. I can't say when the last time I cued up an actual CD was. Airport Express + PowerBook. Great source. And I haven't even switched over to lossless yet (time to buy a nice, hard drive).