So Long, Dear Magnavox Boombox

Alright: I've converted.

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ah that first heady ear-boggling smack of real audio sound in your own living've started to form an addiction?

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that's a beaut of a system! yee-flecking-haww! i miss you.

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This was inevitable. And what an awesome system for a launching pad. If I weren't so jealous, I would be happy for you;)

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You nailed it, Newbilong. I'll write more about this soon, but yeah, man: hearing this magic in my own living room is just awesome.Nina, I would love love love for you and Brandon to come by sometime. Bring your favorite music. Please. You will be instantly addicted, too. It'll be good because Brandon will want a system of his own which would require the two of you finding a bigger apartment.

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>This was inevitable. And what an awesome system for a launching pad. If I weren't so jealous, I would be happy for you;)Thanks so much, Monty. That makes me happy. But it also kinda brings up something else I want to touch on in an upcoming entry; Is this - the Arcam Solo (at $1600) with DeVore Fidelity gibbon 3 speakers (at $2000/pair) and Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables (at $450/8ft pair) - a fair entry-level system? I mean, it's not exactly a bargain. We've got threads on the forum discussing entire systems that go for under $1000. So, I kinda feel like I'm cheating or something; that I should have started with less expensive gear...

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Are you proud of the new system? It's not exactly entry-level by my standards. My first system was an Onkyo multichannel receiver ($300), a pair of NHT SB3s ($600) and a Toshiba DVD player ($100). Then I gradually added the additional three speakers and sub for 5.1, switched to an NAD receiver, and added an Airport Express for streaming audio from my computer, which bumped the total system price up to about $3000, which is closer to what you've got, though multichannel...So maybe you're cheating a little. Can't say I blame you for it, though.

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>Are you proud of the new system?It's funny you ask. I was thinking about it this morning because I wouldn't imagine that I'd be proud of a couple of speakers and a CD player. But... man, yeah, it's weird: I'm totally proud of this. I'm trying to figure it out. I like the way it looks, I like the way it's all placed in my room, and I especially like what it does. It just feels like something important and great.

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Heh, no, I'm actually really happy for you. This is such a fun hobby that just about any first system is but a small step toward future thrills with music and emotion. What I AM jealous of is those first few hundred hours of experiencing your own high-end system and the discs you've heard many times before start sounding so much better than you ever imagined. You only get to do that once and you are where we would all love to return. However, I would commit a minor crime to get my hands on those speakers!

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name the date and we're there. it's already been too long. and yes, a bigger apartment would be amazing. i'm thinking about moving into the beautiful storage space brandon picked out for us. you know--the prison-like box on the west side?'s a definite go. i just have to check and see if there's an outlet for my monster speakers. you know how much i looove monster speakers. tee hee.

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Get a chance to audition the Triangle Heliade es 3-way tower - $1199/pr, or the floor stander Epos ELS 303 or the M15.2. The B & Ws floor standers just reviewed would also be a good choice. I think you would enjoy a slightly deeper low end. The high efficiency Triangles would mate well with the ARCAM. Mr. Tellig could help you out here.

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I was in NYC a couple times. I have been in love more times. I am almost 60. I am disabled with CFS. I love listening to Music and playing with audio toys. The great thing for me is hearing whatever I hear with the current system. And gently hugging my wife, who has Fibro. People write books about what they imagine. Real life is much more fun and there are many more lovely moments than poets ;) Pain and fear are like the washing machines of life. There, but not often amusing. Your blogs are often amusing. Thanks :)