Melissa's Comment

As I was leaving Maxwell's last night, I ran into Melissa.

"How's the blog going?" she asked.
"It's going pretty well."
"I haven't read it over the last few days. I'll have to catch up."
"The last couple of entries were kinda boring."
"No, that can't be true. They're never boring."
"No, seriously. I haven't had much to write about."
"Well, maybe I'll leave a comment to spice it up a bit."
"Like what?"

I throw my fingers out into the air in front of me and let them dance up and down, pretending to type at a keyboard. I take playful guesses at Melissa's comment: "Write more about love? Write more about sex?"

Melissa laughs and nods, "Yeah."
"I've got no love to write about."
"Then write about that," she says plainly.

I stand quietly up against the wooden wall, surrounded by concert posters, considering it.