Admiring the Buyer's Guide

Here I am, admiring the 2007 Buyer's Guide.

Yes, it exists! And, soon, it will be available on our eCommerce page. Go find it and take it into your home. Your $6.99 buys a little piece of my heart.

See that little blue-capped tube in the upper left-hand corner? That's my Nasonex. It keeps the nasal allergies completely in check.

Buddha's picture

Wow, nice bathroom!

Nasonex is Hi Fi quality stuff. It keeps your nose more open, which helps your eustacian tube stay more open, which makes it so you can instantly equalize inside-the-ear vs. outside-the-ear air pressure," which keeps your eardrums in their ""correct"" free resonance mode rather than ""damping"" them with a pressure differential between the front and back of the ear drum", which makes for a broader freguency response curve and higher sensitivity (partly via maintaining a more advantageous eardrum compliance,") which makes you a better listener.


I think all reviewers should be required to similarly ""optimize their instrument.""