10 Years

Today is my 10th anniversary with Stereophile. Hmm…on the way home today, maybe I’ll buy myself a nice beer. Or a record…

Or maybe I’ll go crazy and buy myself a beer and a record. Woo!

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Outstanding! Congratulations!

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If you are gonna go for the LP, grab Talking Head's "Remain In Light" or "Stop Making Sense" and get your drank on while playing "Once in a Lifetime" over and over and over. Maybe you can sneak in a little "Naive Melody," too.

Happy anniversay.

Your main celebration this year should be in January when you turn 33 1/3, the vinyl lovers "Once in a Lifetime" birthday.

Fellow Virgo, as I recall.

You gotta start working on your birthday mix-cassette!

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Happy anniversary man. I say go for both the beer and a record. We are surly different but also the same. All of my anniversaries are marked with beer and music. It just makes everything more special. Enjoy.

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Thanks for those 10 years, Stephen.

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That reminds me, the beer and LP's are on JA, right?

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Now that I think of it I am not that far from 66 2/3. Oh, that 's right, nothing plays at that speed. I'll have to wait for 78 and maybe Art can play a song on his SPU. Where did these last 10 years go? I know Stephen is asking the same thing.

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Happy 10th! I hope you went for the double header and spend some time double dipping - drinking beer and listening to your new record (bet you can't buy or drink just one). Cheers!

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Happy anniversary, Stephen. As someone of the same age going through parallel hifi trevails it has been a pleasure to share your journey and I look forward to enjoying your thoughts for however much longer you care to share them.RS

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I haven't subscribed for over two years; and I'm still not celebrating the near once a month dead tree in the mail offering a resubscription rate.I've sent back with remove requests four times over the two years.Yeah; celebrate what you've seen change over the ten years.Head-shakingly barf.

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Well fred, it took a tree or two of toliet paper to clean up your verbal diarehhea now didn't it? And what kind of loser hangs out at a blog for a magazine he canceled? You got issues dude, and I do not mean Stereophile.

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Matthew, I was thinking the same way! But being from Tennessee, I was leaning toward Dickle. I had not gotten so far as to think of it as a substitute record cleaner, but now I have twice as many reasons to buy Dickle!

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Guys, bourbon is for drinking. For cleaning purposes, use vodka.

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OK, good advice. Cause God knows Vodka ain't for drinking!!!!!!! I jest, but I do imbibe more flavored spirits and good ale than vodka any day. Or month for that matter. But the Vesper Martini has made an impression on me and I can recommend it.

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Congratulations from Barcelona!!!

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Congratulations Stephen! By all means get yourself some vinyl and some beer, you crazy kid!

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Congratulations.Your enthusiasm is infectious.As for those vodka naysayers: Tito's, handmade from Austin.Greg

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Congrats young man!! Thanks for all you do!

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And just what does the company do for YOU at the 10 year mark, get some dopes to say congrats on a page like this? Not even like a gold plated cassette, or gold plated, jock strap for lifting more stuff for the other guys. Maybe one day you will be say, like Fremer.....whatever that is, that's where you are going?

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Stephen:I have enjoyed your work. I am sure it is hard to believe that it went by so fast. Keep up the good work.

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Congrats, Stephen. And thanks for raising the level of blogdom to art, poetry and science!

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Congrats! I just hope you are kidding about Magic Hat being a nice beer. Go to a decent liquor store and buy a bottle of anything from Stone, Green Flash, Laugunitis and 3 Floyds. (If I remember yhat one by 6th and 1st ave under that crazy Indian place seemed to have good beer.) Call a trusted freind and A/B the beers and rediscover a record already on your shelf. Carefully! change records as needed and report back.

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Congrats Stephen. Hope you have another great 10 years and beyond.Mark Evans

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"Guys, bourbon is for drinking. For cleaning purposes, use vodka."Well, John, Vodka can clean your life out pretty good....

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In this month's issue "As WE see it", is that going to your new column, is JA out the door soon? I read it a couple of times, and my brain got all confused, what are you saying anyway? I don't get any sense of any committed opioid on anything, more like filler. Like what some others do, about shavers, and other assorted nonsense. Get a point of VIEW, no point of view of substance is very boring, and won't be read.

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10 years? Where did that time go? Anyway- the magazine and community is a much better place for it. You brought in a much-needed younger perspective and the reminder that it can be FUN to listen to music and build a system. Keep it up dude!

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I enjoy your writings and control of the forum. Hope they gave you a 10 year merit increment. Well earned.

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Here's to the next 10! Great work!

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Congrats, man!! May I suggest Erie Brewing Companies Railbender Ale. 6.8 % ABV. Then both the record AND your head will be spinning!!! Hah!!