89.9 On the Dial

Though it was a sort of sanctuary for me as a kid, these days, I almost never listen to the radio. This day, however, has been spent listening to lots of WKCR's Dizzy Gillespie 90th Birthday broadcast.

JA walks in and seems to admire George. It's been happening all day. People walk by, hear the music, and are instantly attracted to the shiny white shoebox. JA, however, is even more impressed with the music. He hears a note and I see his eyes light up.

"Ah!" he exclaims.

"That's Dizzy Gillespie," I say.

"I didn't know you knew about this stuff."

"Well, actually, I don't know much," I admit, "but I know it's good."

"You know he was inspired by that Latin music stuff."

"That's one thing I did learn recently."

A song called "Salt Peanuts" is playing right now. The recording is Jazz At Massey Hall, and the musicians are on fire.

john devore's picture

Thanks for the tip Stephen: they're still at it, I'm tuned to 89.9 now. I dig Diz.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I thought you might like that, as you were the dude who introduced me to his Afro-Cuban stuff.