CES 2006 Mix CD: The Only Love

I tried to bring together songs that I love, songs that should prove fun and exciting to listen to, with an interesting variety of sounds and emotions.

1. The Magic Numbers — "Long Legs"
2. Feist — "One Evening"
3. Bill Withers — "Let Me Be the One You Need"
4. Silver Jews — "Sleeping is the Only Love"
5. Sufjan Stevens — "They Are Night Zombies"
6. Earth, Wind & Fire — "Reasons"
7. Calexico / Iron & Wine — "A History of Lovers"
8. Nada Surf — "Always Love"
9. John Vanderslice — "Trance Manual"
10. Stevie Wonder — "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)"
11. Andrew Bird — "Tables and Chairs"
12. The New Pornographers — "Streets of Fire"
13. Bloc Party — "Tulips"
14. Broken Social Scene — 7/4 (Shoreline)
15. Stars — "Reunion"
16. Tris McCall — "The Night Bus"
17. Rye Coalition — "Stop Eating While I'm Smoking"
18. Editors — "Munich"
19. the multi-purpose solution — "Comeback Attempt"
20. The Fiery Furnaces — "Single Again"

Wonko the Sane's picture

I only knew twelve, and I'm guessing I'm around his age.

TEvo's picture

I say exclusive Stephen Mejias iTunes iMix!!!

Clay White's picture

Talk about generation gap, I only recognize three of your twenty tunes. You've got the idea though, take along songs you love and that, presumably, you've heard so often you know exactly how they sound on your system. Then when the show is over, you'll have an idea what new component(s) to lust after.

Monty's picture

Counting Stevie Wonder, I recognize 1 of those names. I guess that qualifies me as a knuckle dragger.

Monty's picture

Oops, I missed Earth, Wind and Fire. I'm evolving slowly.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>I say exclusive Stephen Mejias iTunes iMix!!!Yo, I'll send this mix out to anyone who wants it.

TEvo's picture

Gimme gimme! Please.:)

Ward's picture

Not the Stars song I would have picked. But good to know you're a fan.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Stephen, you do KNOW Sony is watching...and listening. They probably have a guy, the one in the trench coat," right behind you. Don't be paranoid. He is the one that has the baseball hat on with the ""DRM-Rocks"" logo on it. I didn't say they were smart!.Tim Allen said"," The only reason man is still not walking around with his nuckles dragging the ground is that somebody put beer on the top shelf. Have a great CES. Now that you have wetted your high-end appetite you'll know what to look for. If you find any Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Flux Bridge Adaptor cordless headphones let me know. My hearing is not quite what it used to be. My ""treatments"" on my GSIC disc has run out and I think it is cheaper to adjust myself from now on.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Gimme gimme! Please. :)Hit me up with an address:

Stephen Mejias's picture

>Not the Stars song I would have picked. It's really not the Stars song I would have picked, either, but it's just that I've used all of the other songs off of Set Yourself on Fire on other mixes. I reviewed the album for the print magazine a few months ago. Definitely one of my favorites for the year.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>what an awesome mix.Thank you. That's an awesome compliment, coming from you, mixmaster. I heard the good news about your new roommate. That's so great. I'm sure he's going to be cool.And thanks for the pic. Damn, that Feist is sexy.

mickey's picture

I thought I was the mixmaster. Until now..

Fred Manteghian's picture

Don't forget Mushaboom Mushaboom Mushaboomboomboom.
It's a feisty song.