A Synth Wave and Crickets

I really love the comments tool, but I wish it would notify me of when new comments are left for old blog entries. Because it doesn’t, I have to scroll through each entry and check. This isn’t such a big deal, but it does mean that I’ll miss a few comments every now and then, or that it’ll take me a few days to get around to them. And that’s not cool because web-time flies.

So, I just noticed this awesome comment left by Josh Gladstone:

I bought Todd's At Work CD. I just received it at work (natch). I guess I'm completing the cycle by commenting on your post about the transaction. The intarweb is a divider, sure. I dare say that Teach's real world ill communication is a symptom of his all too oft presence in/on this great electronic spinning yarn. The intarweb is also a uniter. My ability to find more great music than the industry would have me even know exists is proof positive. It's like a treasure hunt for me... pick up the clue, track down song clips, press a button to send my digital dollars to NJ. 'X' days later, this wonderful CD finds me at my desk. Take THAT industry naysayers! Stephen: Some music requires poetry—a language of abstractions—to describe it. You gave a vox-less artist an appropriate voice by proxy. We both thank you. At Work: If the wind were a synth wave and crickets were 1's and 0's... they might sing this CD together on a starlit night... while driving down the Turnpike. Great job!

Thanks so much, Josh. I hear you about the “treasure hunt” thing. It’s funny: writing this blog has rekindled my desire to find new music. I’m glad to know it’s doing the same for others.

And then there was this brief cameo by guitar-star, Herb Wiley. Herb plays in the bands, Rye Coalition, and The Black Hollies, and is one of the best and coolest guitar players I have ever seen. He blows me away.

Stephen, Stop being so lazy! Next time you’re kidnapped & stereophile will do nothing about it!