Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, Purple Kale, and Cheesecake

On Tuesday, September 20th (four days after my 28th birthday), Wes Phillips sent me an e-mail:

Joan and I are going to Barcelona from Oct 16-28 and need to figure out how to handle the cat thang. The easiest solution is to find someone we trust to house sit. I don't suppose you'd have any interest would you? There'll be a reasonably good hi-fi, the home theater downstairs, and a well stocked fridge (Mmmm, beer.) Plus DSL internet, of course.

The blog was then only a few days old, and, right away, it occurred to me that house sitting for Wes would be a great opportunity for me (and the blog) to become better acquainted with high-end audio. I was (and am still) very much concerned about Stereophile’s audience: How will they react to the blog? Will they find it at all valuable? Or will they find it absolutely worthless?

So, when Wes asked if I’d be willing to house sit, I knew for certain that I would do it:

Thanks very much for thinking of me; I'd be happy to do it, as it seems like a really wonderful opportunity for the blog.

Besides, I was honored that Wes had asked me. It seems to me that one of the greatest gifts a person can give to another is their trust. And here was Wes, not only offering me his trust, but a bit of his knowledge and experience. Not to mention his beer.

And all I have to do is feed the cat, sit down, and listen.

Tonight, I’ll be going over to Wes and Joan’s place for dinner:

We're cool with dinner, I think. Pork chops, sweet potatoes, purple kale, and cheesecake. Does that work for you?

Does that work for me? Holy moly, right now, I can’t think of anything better.

Ward's picture

Excellent. I hope you write extensively about the new discoveries you make in old music once you start listening to a nice system. I still keep making those discoveries on a regular basis. It always feels like an epiphany.

Monty's picture

I'm really looking forward to your use of adjectives in trying to describe WPs' sound. In part because I can recall my first experience with high quality reproduction, but also because I get a kick out of seeing people who create music connect with the reproduction side of what they are creating.

Sarah's picture

Stephen,I am sorry that B&T is no longer your baby. But at least this will help stem my hunger pains.Keep writing, buddy. Diggin' it.

Donald N.'s picture

yeah - I'm digging the blog as well. Keep up the good work. Cats are cool listening buddies (mine likes classical and jazz)! Enjoy.