A Decent Equipment Rack

It started as a joke. I told my uncle, also a huge Mets fan, that if the Mets didn't make it to the playoffs, I'd get rid of my television. What would I need a television for anyway? All I ever watch are Mets games, and I can get my news from the internet or the radio. The idea became more attractive as I thought of how much easier it would be to swap audio components without an enormous, old 27" Sharp television set getting in the way. I might even be able to hock the television for a sweet pair of bongos, or something similarly musical and pretty. They've got some nice rhythm sticks over there at Jemma Loan on Newark Avenue. A trumpet? A few harmonicas? Who knows? Plus, without the easy distraction of television, I'd inevitably read and write more, listen to more music, maybe even exercise a bit. All good things.

I really should have a decent equipment rack, anyway. I've been using an unattractive, cheaply-constructed TV stand that I bought from K-Mart upon moving into my first apartment, over seven years ago. But what kind of rack would I get? I'm just not ready to build my own. I don't dig sawdust in my kitchen, and I'm not very crafty. So, I'd definitely be shelling out some cash for something. I wouldn't need anything really big or intense with pneumatic isolation and sand-filled damping platforms and whatnot. Just something simple that'll let me get at the cables easily, and would confidently support an integrated amp, CD player, and a future turntable. That's all.

Suddenly, without really trying, I kept hearing about Ikea's $13 Lack side table. Made of particleboard, fiberboard, and ABS plastic, these simple, attractive things are supposed to be quite sturdy, and at 21.6" W by 21.6" D and 17.75" H, they're pretty much perfect for audio gear. Plus, they come in eight different finishes so you can mix and match, and they're compatible with other items in the Lack series—coffee tables, bookcases, wall shelves, and, of course, TV stands—if you really want to get all Ikea'd-out.

So I'm wondering: Does Ikea know that their $13 side table is being applauded by all these mega-rich audiophiles? And so I'm thinking: Holy crap, I better go buy a few before they find out.

But then, has anybody noticed how awesome prime time television has gotten lately? Damn, yo, I can seriously watch me some "Beauty and the Geek," and I'm totally into "Reaper" and "Supernatural." Basically, anything on the WB is for me. "Gossip Girl"? You know it. And have you seen that "Pushing Daisies" show on ABC? My god, man. Colorful, charming, and fantastic like a Tom Robbins novel, it's seriously the best show on TV. Ever. I really hope the pie maker and the dead girl get to "get it on" because, if not, I might just die. For reals.

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I'll probably spike a Lack and use it as a turntable stand, at such time as I have a turntable. I have no real need for a wall shelf because my floor is carpet over concrete. Plus, wall shelves are expensive and I'm cheap. Actually, I'd just rather put that minimum $150 into a superior turntable. I'm pretty sure I'm gunning for a P3-24, and God only knows when I'll have $1107.70 (That's the P3 with an Elys2 pre-fitted and 6% Michigan sales tax).You might look into a Salamander Archetype, which is priced reasonably, and attractive in a minimalist sort of way. I modeled my homemade rack after the Salamander. I had some help, though; My mom works for a cabinetry company, and was able to have five cherry plywood shelves cut and drilled for me. I just had to stain and finish. Assembly was hellish, though. All said, I saved about 50% versus a 5-shelf wood veneer Archetype. It looks handsome, too.

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Stephen,I have gotten rid of my TV about five years ago. The only time I do regret it is when the local soccer team is on national TV in the Champions League. I do listen to more music. I do read more. I surf the Internet and yes - I do watch movies on rented DVDs. The big difference is that I am the one doing the decision now. I don't have to bother with advertisement anymore. I can pause if I want to take a telephone call. And my total amount of "wasted time" by being a couch potato has really gone down. So with all this. Get rid of that TV. If you miss TV series you can download most of them from legitimate sources at a reasonable fee with no advertising. Take charge of your own life.The IKEA Lack table has been around for a very long time. Audiophiles in Germany have been using it for quite a long time and there actually is some low cost tweaking to be done to make it sound even better. Basic steps are steel plated feet and a rubber O-Ring between the legs and tabletop. All the bes

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Wow! I'm not alone! I also got rid of my TV about 2-3 years ago and haven't regretted it one bit.I just woke up to the trance that box puts you in. The utter stupidity I fond myself yelling at. I also started to delve into discovering and really listening music at the time. Anyway, yes, once you rid yourself of TV, you gain so much back and really realize how you are sort of manipulated to tune in 8 pm for that show or stay up for the news. You gain so much of your life back and like Stephen says, you are in control of what YOU enjoy.Plus, I made space for my music components!As for the Ikea Lack, yep, I use it for my home recording equipment as well. I've seen them STACKED on top of one another too and they look great.