Another Rainy Day

We spent the day proofing copy for the December issue, which ships tomorrow and Friday (and maybe a little on Monday, if we're not good). Despite how simple that may seem, it's not exactly easy to just read and read and read, drawing red circles around silly apostrophes and bad italics.

So, at times throughout the day, I relieved my eyes by searching for new music.

In addition to that Paul Duncan song I mentioned earlier, I also discovered this new Belle & Sebastian song over at You Ain't No Picasso.

Appropriate, no?

If it sounds live, that's because it is. As live as the rain outside my window; it's getting heavy again, now, at 8:56pm, and my glass of wine is empty and I can hear the streets dousing the sidewalks with water.

George Conduso's picture

Isn't it about time that esteemed editor, John Atkinson, quietly pull the plug on this boring, pretentious," ""blog""Don't believe me? I challenge you to list this in ""Vote"".

Ward's picture

Yep. Keep it up, Stephen. Good writing, good content, even if it represents a departure for Stereophile. Nobody's forcing the haters to read this. At least, not to my knowledge. If their delicate sensibilities are being offended, it's their fault for loading up the page.

Alien Lifeform Marcy's picture

Bring your boom box to Wes' so you can A/B ...C?

Jon Iverson's picture

A quick note about Stephen's blog: this is the first of many blogs we are launching. Wes Phillips' blog is appearing in a few weeks as well as one from the greater edtiorial staff. Stephen's blog is intended to bring in readers who otherwise don't care for the standard official audiophile thing. And it appears to be working.The other blogs will appeal more to the traditional audiophile sensibility. In this way, I'm hoping that we can attract a fresh audience to the audiophile way.

Donald N.'s picture

I love this blog and news of the other writers blogs makes me excited. I love all things audiophile and great writing. Off topic comments show more color and I personally love Sam's, Mikey's, Art's, and Stephen's writing. Blogs can be pretentious but, I'm digging this one so please - carry on!

beta's picture

this is long after the fact, but just for the record, i'm not an audiophile. i read this blog because stephen is clearly a talented writer and has good and interesting things to say about music. i can't get excited about speakers and headphones and wires and amps (and i sure as hell wouldn't read a blog devoted to the hardware) i buy these things because they are the best way to get at the music that does excite me. isn't that the way it is supposed to be? aren't all the trappings of audophilia just a way to get at the stuff that is really worthwhile?