To Be You and Me

To an outsider, it might have appeared as though we were mimicking each other's movements. Perhaps it even seemed as though a mirror had been magically raised upwards alongside my body to reflect my motions and thoughts and buying habits.

I was at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square again, having just left my heart on the L train, and was now looking for something to come home with me. They have a small "Indie" section now, you know, and that's where I was, peering ever-so-intently at the pretty albums before me. When I felt a presence to my left.

Turning, I was surprised to find my reflection in the mirror. Only it wasn't me, of course. It was my friend, Andrea, also peering ever-so-intently, obviously, at the pretty albums before her. Before us. We were only inches apart. All in a moment, now,

There was: something like confusion followed by surprise
Then: recognition followed by happiness
Then: more surprise followed by a bit of excitement
And finally: a hug.

It was nice.

"That was weird," I said.

Together, we searched, through exhaustion and hunger and endless racks and displays, for the music that we would most love, and, in return, would most love us. As though these CDs were little puppies and kittens looking for a home.

And I can't wait for it to happen again, really.

Ward's picture

Stephen, you liking the new Broken Social Scene?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Hi Ward.Yes, I'm loving it. I was a little bit afraid at first, because their stuff can be hit-or-miss with me. Sometimes, the ideas they capture don't really take me anywhere. I prefer the tracks that really blossom into songs," and there's more than enough of that on this album to keep me happy. My favorites are ""Swimmers", Hotel," and It's All Gonna Break."" This one is more diverse", too, than what I remember their first album to be, which is the only other one I'm familiar with.How about you? What do you think of it?

andrea's picture

it's almost as though the city becomes a tiny little neighborhood when i havethe pleasure of running into you...and that makes me smile.*i heart that broken social scene album,how does it sound on your stereo?

Stephen Mejias's picture

>how does it sound on your stereo?Even though I can't make out any of the words, it sounds like every song is about love.You'll have to come over and listen.Whoa," did that sound like an audiophile pick-up line? Should I have added ""baby"" to the end of that sentence?

Ward's picture

I'm really loving it too. I think it's much more consistent than their last album. It seems like there's more of an emphasis on the female vocalists, too, which is nice since they have three great ones. May be my album of the year. Nothing's hit my quite the way Arcade Fire did last year, but this is certainly excellent enough to deserve consideration.