From Bright Eyes to Sibelius

We don’t get together as often as we’d like.

Always a special occasion when Art Dudley visits the New York City office, this time, we chose Chez Laurence—directly across the street from us—for lunch.

John had: the salad nicoise; Elizabeth: a tuna fish sandwich; Art: the chef’s salad; me: spinach and mushroom quiche. It was either that or the panini.

One might think that lunch with John Atkinson, Art Dudley, and managing editor Elizabeth Donovan would be filled with talk of only high-end audio.

However—while we did mention audio—we also discussed politics, the media, our families, our homes, the pleasant autumn weather, the Simpsons, the art of the bow-tie, the un-art of Hamburger Helper, and, of course, music—from Bright Eyes to Sibelius.

Afterwards, I pushed Illinoise on Art. He mentioned intentions of stopping by the Times Square Virgin Megastore during his visit. I hope he decides to spend the $16.99. John came around and made me feel wonderful by saying that my entry made him want to buy Illinoise.

And that’s the greatest compliment I could have been given.

It's approaching 6pm on this Friday evening, and we've rocked far too hard for even our own good, and there's a beautiful girl calling my name, and I really want to rest my eyes and have a beer. And, so: good night.

Al Marcy's picture

Beautiful women, quiche, and a boombox? Get the Infinity 360 speex, and give yourself some of that good stuff, too :)

Stephen Mejias's picture

Ha ha. I hear you, Al. Yes, the Infinity 360s are pretty enticing. I was impressed by the review Bob Reina gave them in our June issue, but I'm afraid they might be too big for my very small room.Maybe the Epos M5s or the PSB Image B25s or the NHT SB-3s or the Polk RTi4. I don't know.

Stephen Mejias's picture

That's such a sweet comment. Thank you so much.I'm very happy that you've found the blog and are enjoying it as much as you are, in the way that you are. That's really special to me. And I think I'll take your advice, and continue to try to just be natural and write about the music that touches me.Thanks again.