Missing My Friends, The Black Hollies, Playing Live at Maxwell’s Because I’d Rather Stay Home on a Friday Night and Listen to Smog and Listen to Diane Cluck and Listen to

I just want to sit here and be alone and think of her and drink Brooklyn Lager and listen to music and feel the cool new autumn wind blow through my open window—as soft and as right as her hand pressing mine—and forgive me, please friends, forgive me, but I’m tired and I’m happy and is there anything so wrong with that really?

Scott's picture

No worries. You did miss a great show, but then again, every show is a great show. The Greenhornes rocked.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Right on, Scottie Bee!
If I coulda just gotten my butt off of the couch, I know I would've had a great time.

Herb Wiley's picture

Stephen, Stop being so lazy! Next time your'e kidknapped & stereophile will do nothing about it!herb

Unkie Des's picture

Herb Wiley is an awesome guitarist and I had the pleasure of rocking and bluesin' with him on the lawn chairs under an oak tree in CT. Good times.