Seriously: Will you show me around?

I mean, I know where I am. Now, I’m at my other home: the offices of Primedia’s Home Technology Group at 261 Madison Avenue, sitting on the other other side of a low wall separating the desk that I share with Elizabeth, Stereophile’s managing editor, my friend and colleague.

You can see by the comment she left me that she began reading this blog backwards, from the top down. You’ll notice, if you haven’t already, that the earliest entries appear at the bottom of the page. I’m aware of the fact that this might prove confusing for some, as my entries build upon one another and lead back and forth, to and from, one another. My goal, however, is not to confuse. Instead, I hope that the reader will feel compelled to join me—trust me—confident that we’ll reach a certain place together. It seems to have worked for Elizabeth. Right now, I can’t imagine anything greater than making a woman feel “full of possibilities.” I would like to do that for you.

But Elizabeth knows me, and I won her trust years ago. You and I are still just getting to know one another. I like to think that we have a long way to go.

I wonder what will happen now that Elizabeth is all caught up. Will she allow time to pass and entries to build, so that she can continue reading out of order? Or will she be more… conventional? There is no right way, really.

And, this morning, our editor, John Atkinson came over.

Yes, I get to see him just about every day. And, yes, he is awesome.

I remember the day I started working for Stereophile—August 10, 2000, I believe—John told me, “You’ll have to hit the ground running.” I was sending out the hundreds and hundreds of faxes that go out to manufacturers for the verification of pricing and model names that are entered into each “Recommended Components” issue.

John was right; I’d have to run. Fast. There really wasn’t any time for a tour of the place, a tour of the industry, a tour of how things worked. I’d never even used a fax machine before.

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Hi Shawn.Thanks so much for reading; I'm glad you're enjoying it.To be completely honest," the ""running"" connection was a just a happy accident. Can you believe that? Awesome. I live for these kinds of accidental connections", really. I love it. I do catch some of them as I write, and I'm able to manipulate them to serve a certain poetic purpose. But others, like this one you've found, are completely unitentional. At the same time, I'm always hoping that the readers will make their own connections, just as you've done. It really makes my day. Thank you.