A Great Job

I can't look at any more Buyer's Guide spreadsheets. I'm done. For today. I'll start again on Tuesday. Luckily, our intern, Ariel Bitran, who was responsible for collecting and organizing the data found within the Guide, did an absolutely outstanding job. Which makes my job much easier.

The 2008 Buyer's Guide is sure to be the most complete and accurate edition yet.

Today was Ariel's last at Stereophile. For now. We hope to see him again soon. Let me tell you: I couldn't have imagined anyone fitting in around here better than Ariel. The kid's destined to become an audiophile. He dawdled on in here everyday, playing air drums, making strange faces and funny noises. He sat down in front of his computer, slapped his headphones over his ears, and got to business. He did a great job. And I'm sure he'll do an equally great job at NYU this semester.

jban's picture

Lets hear it for the intern! The kid can cook too!And what could be better then a kid from NYU. NYU the best dammmmmm college that money can buy.I hope he's back before the next buyers guide.