With Three Zs

I've been working on the Buyer's Guide all day long. It's a drag. Zzz. If I was Elizabeth (we're now calling her "Lizzzie," by the way), I might let my hair loose and kick something.

Numbers in cells, numbers in cells, numbers in cells. What crimes did these numbers commit? Where's Kristina when you need her?

Actually, she should be arriving any minute now. Though Tuesday was her last day in the office, she'll be meeting us for drinks this evening. No need to remind us of her age. We'll be sure she's drinking nothing but virgin pina coladas. I'm looking forward to it. I'll need a drink to wash down these numbers.

Robert's in charge of picking the venue, so we'll probably be somewhere with a good jukebox. Perhaps we can get Lizzzie to kick something after all.

Jeff Wong's picture

Is the implication that she's boring now? Zzz.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Three Zs are better than two. You have to say it out loud. Li-zzz-ie.