Happy Birthday

I walk into JA's office.

AB: "Are you busy?"
JA: "No, what's up?"

I'm holding some Dell computer speakers.

AB: "Primedia's giving away free speakers in the lobby."
JA: "Free speakers?!"

JA jumps up and rushes to the lobby.


Unfortunately, he comes back empty-handed: "They didn't have any left."

I feel bad that I didn't grab him a pair when I got my own. As I leave the office, I notice one of the building staff fishing through the "garbage." Apparently, someone around here just throws away perfectly good computer equipment. In this load of garbage, she had pulled out two Altec Lansing computer speakers and a subwoofer! Who would throw this away?

She asks me, "Do you want this?"

"If you don't."

"Nope, go ahead and take it."

I rush back to my cubicle and set it all up. It works! Who would throw this away!? I don't care. It's mine now. I give JA my free Dell speakers and head home with a subwoofer under my arm. Today is August 14th 2007, my 20th birthday.

Happy Birthday to me
Found some speakers for free
In the trash
Sonic cash
Happy Birthday to me

I deeply apologize for what you just read. The forums have just been so poetic lately, that I had to throw in my own.

I got home excited to play with my new toys. I plugged in a splitter to my computer output and played through four speakers, plus sub, at once. This was fun, and it sounded surprisingly good. My Cyber Acoustic speakers sound like crap by themselves, but with the ALs, they filled in with brighter tones while the subwoofer and the two AL speakers had richer, deeper sound. Ignoring this finding, I just wanted to have some more fun. I cranked up the bass and put on "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre. Time to dance.

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That's a great set of computer speakers. My friend has the Altec Lansings. You might be able to find better sound for less money than retail, but nothing beats FREE! Enjoy.

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FREE! is absolutely the best. Despite what they teach you in economics, there is such thing as a free set of speakers. Even if technically there were opportunity, time, and physical costs, I didn't care. It is no longer TANSTAAFL (there aint no such thing as a free lunch). I'm revising economic theory: TISTAFS (there is such thing as free speakers). Eat that Milton Friedman.