A Double-Edged E.

Because John is visiting manufacturers in Montreal, he missed this morning's rock awakening. We're gathered in my office, huddled round the sound, listening. "I'm glad John isn't here," says Elizabeth. "I need to break this in slowly."

"Slowly? You waited five years," I say.

Robert is in shock. Kristina can't suppress a laugh, can't hide her blushing cheeks. I throw my fist in the air and put on a face.

"So, at this point in the song, E., are you pouring beer all over yourself?" I ask.

"Kicking stuff off the stage?" Robert adds.

"Blowing fire?" Kristina laughs, blushes.

After what we heard this morning, Elizabeth is no longer E., can no longer be E. "Elizabeth" is too safe, too managing editor-ish, for this lady. "Elizabeth" doesn't howl like this, doesn't shriek like this. Elizabeth's weapon is a red pen, not a mic stand.

"Damn, E, you've got a little Pat Benatar thing going on there," Robert notes.

"Yeah, well," she admits, "it was the 80s."

"Pat Benatar fronting Slayer," Robert amends.

"Yes!" Elizabeth (or whatever her name is) responds.

It's like Neko Case singing for Heart. It's E.


You're playing at life
Oh oh oh
It's a double-edged knife
Yeah yeah yeah

"John is going to have a fit."

Jeff Wong's picture

Is it for sale? Curious ears need to hear this. Quit holding out!

Jim Teacher's picture

The world demands wide release

Stephen Mejias's picture

I'm listening to it again now. I really like it. It squints my eyes, furrows my brow, puts a snarl on my face. Maybe I can get E. to let me burn a few copies. Maybe I can get JA to put out a Stereophile recording.

John Atkinson's picture

I'm sitting in Montreal Aiport, waiting for my flight, getting a bit of WiFi action, and what do I find? Only that the world has turned upside-down in my brief absence. I'll be back in the office tomorrow e., start 'splainin'.

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If you hurry and clean up," JA won't be able to prove a thing. ""Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..."" Or"," ""She might", so noble from head/To great shapely knees/The long flowing line,/Have walked to the altar/Through the holy images/At Pallas Athena's side,"/Or been fit spoil for a centaur/Drunk with the unmixed wine.""