A Measure of Magic

What can I say about cables?

Not so much, really, other than:
You need them.

That's about all I've got, folks. You need them to get the music from the amplifier to the speakers. Pretty magical, if you think about it. But no more magical than getting all that music on a little silver disc (or a big black one) in the first place. And no more magical than getting some transducers and whatnot to push air around and create sound. And probably a little less magical than, say, five large dragonflies dressed in green and gold, wings like oil spots in the sunshine, zipping across Madison Avenue at 39th Street, showing utter contempt for the laws of traffic.

A middle finger to us all. Damn those willy-nilly dragonflies and their zippity-doo-da-day. But, really: How does one measure magic?

You've gotta just shake your head and sigh.

Al Marcy's picture

One approach is just declare that if it can't measured, it doesn't matter. That is safe, until you piss off a Witch ;)

Todd Steponick's picture

Willy-nilly zippity-doo-da-day abra cadabra hoo-ha.

Christian's picture

I love it! Although I suspected you may say something like that after seeing the post of your current setup in the galleries section. I love that picture, particularly when contrasted with your original boombox pic. The Devores do look beautiful. The levels of cables that you are using are pretty up there, versus the likes of 16 gauge zip cord, and big box interconnects, which were the base for where I began my hifi journey. I sincerely appreciate that you entertianed my silly request. Cheers.

Stephen Mejias's picture

>I sincerely appreciate that you entertianed my silly request. Cheers. My pleasure, Christian. But there's no need to thank me. I do have a little bit more to say about cables. I'm just gathering up some info, and posting a few random thoughts in the meantime. I appreciate your input and encouragement. To me, it's just as valuable, if not more valuable, than anything I've offered so far. So: thank you.I'll get back to the cables soon.