Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

This mild-mannered bunch of classical guitarists had me wanting to jump up on my seat and curse my brains out.

While each member was clearly capable of daredevil guitar theatrics, the stunts were always held in check. The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet was all about the beauty of the song, as a whole. Tasteful and controlled, but wild and marvelous. They killed me. These guys kill them all. They kill The Fucking Champs.

I plopped down beside Jon Iverson, an excellent guitarist by most any standards (except maybe his own), and, shaking my head in awe, I spat out: "These guys are amazing."

"Reminds you of how much work we've got to do."

Dan's picture

I couldn't have said it better myself! I haven't been fortunate enough to see them live, but first heard tracks from the new CD a couple of weeks ago (I'd never heard of them before that) and was blown away...