A Lifelong Pursuit

Today, the gentlest sunshine is replaced by relentless rain. The sound of great waves rising along rocky shores is replaced by jack hammers and angry street noise and other wasteful stupid, stupid shit.

We were immediately hit by the difference as we exited JFK. We made our way onto the taxi line, behind a million others, and stood — waiting, inching slowly forward — surrounded by honking horns and city dirt. It's a different air we breathe here. Of a completely different quality. Thicker, heavier, hotter. It beats on you until you're used to it. It beats on you until you forget.

I told Kelli how much I enjoyed the wine tastings. It's not so much about the wine, really — at least: it doesn't have to be — as it is about the vast beauty of the land. The vineyards' vast, vast beauty. We were happy to just sit in the sun.

But, then again, I told her: Anyone — a person who had never even taken a sip of Merlot, had never even taken a breath of Cabernet, who knew nothing of grapes or vines or valleys — would have appreciated the differences, would have come back with a language. It takes only a taste. Quality becomes a lifelong pursuit.

Though I most enjoyed Ledson's Sauvignon Blanc, overall, I find, I really love Chardonnay. Put glasses of both in front of me, don't tell me which is which, add a glass of Pinot Grigio or a Riesling or whatever other white you've got (I'm not as good with reds), and — with just one day of wine tasting under my belt — I can tell you what's up.

I still can't do that with hi-fi.

Is it just because wines are more obvious than speakers? Maybe. But also:

The presentations we were offered — whether it was an aerial lift onto the estate or a simple explanation of the general characteristics of a grape — were wonderfully informative and just excellent. I'm reminded of this piece by Wes.

I plan on visiting Discovery Wines in the very near future. Maybe on the way home from work, actually.

John Marks, by the way, created a wonderful "Script for a High-End Audio Demonstration." It's published in our July issue.

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Imagine going to a wine shop and buying a fine wine for dinner, tonight. It was fun and tasted very good and was reasonably priced. Then, the investment insanity struck and it became silly expensive. Wine is fine. People are idiots ;)