All in Bands

Sometimes, I feel as though I use a lot of words to say nothing at all.

Last Saturday night, my band — the multi-purpose solution — played with Tris McCall & the New Jack Trippers at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey. Today, I posted a review of Tris' new album, I'm Assuming You're All In Bands.

A review of Tris' album deserves a better writer.

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Just seeing if this thread is working...

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It is far easier to slag someone who 'does' rather than to actually 'do'. Judging from jpa's writing, I fear that he might face some whitering criticism as well. Keep up what you are doing. It is difficult to find an inspiring idea each day and then turn that idea into a short, clever, and interesting article. Everyone will have styles that they like and others that they do not. Otherwise, Border's Books would only need one shelf! As I understand it, the purpose of the blog is to attract a younger audience and get them turned on to hi-fi. To that end, the style of the blog works. You could have a bit more emphasis on your experiences with hi-fi, but I wouldn't risk changing anything. As a frustrated writer, I enjoy watching what you make of your big break. Writers have to put up with critics. They do not have internalize what the critics say.

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For a moment, this comment really hurt me. I could feel my chest tighten up, my stomach drop, my heart begin to race, etc. It's strange, to me, that I'd react this way because I actually expected to receive a comment like yours. Maybe I even hoped to receive a comment like yours. You're right. I agree with you: self-deprecation becomes tiresome, and, after awhile, people might come to think that I'm a bad writer or a bad musician, a bad reviewer or a bad person, in general. And, yeah: sometimes I become self-obsessed, which is something I don't like about myself (heh) and something I'm working on.So, why did I resort to self-deprecation here? I try to post something everyday. It's not all that easy. Sometimes I feel as if I have nothing important to say, sometimes I'm very busy doing other things that have no relation whatsoever to this blog, sometimes I just don't feel like writing. Today, I had to leave the office early so that I could get back home and let the cable guy in...

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Today, I had to leave the office early so that I could get back home and let the cable guy in...So, I was a bit pressed for time. However, I don't like to offer time as an excuse for poor performance. I try to do my best always, but I also try to be easy on myself, knowing that sometimes I'll be a better writer or musician, reviewer or person, in general, than other times.I spent much of the morning writing the review of Tris' album, and, when I was done," I knew I wanted to post something in ""Elements"" to direct readers to our music page. It would have been easy for me to just write: ""I posted a review in the Music Room. Check it out."" But that", to me, seemed boring. And I think our readers deserve more than that. And, then, upon reflecting on the review (I read it several times over and over again, as I do with everything I write)," I heard my mind go: ""Sometimes"," I feel as though I use a lot of words to say nothing at all...""

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What I didn't expect was for you, or anyone, to be mean... That always surprises me.So, I wonder: What did I do to upset this person? I must have done something wrong. I'm sorry that you don't like the pace of my writing. I'm not too much interested in zest or verve. There are lots of other writers who do that kind of thing. It often strikes me as insincere, and I hate insincerity.

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Thanks. Thanks for reading, understanding, and commenting. Your comments always encourage me. I appreciate that.

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Late on the scene again!


In all seriousness, whether it be many words or few, in 10,000 years the Earth will be exactly wherever it is it's going to be no matter what you write.

So, write what's fun for you and screw investing any emotional energy on things you can't control or what people may say.

Not that JPA isn't entitled to say what he wants, just as you are. Just don't put more value on his thoughts than your own. If you are happy with your blog, then it's time to cowboy up and trust yourself!

Plus, blogs are not meant to be the front page of the Times every time. Some days can be small and intimate, others can be writ large; it's the total thing you construct that is the essence of your project, not beating yourself up for feeling too chatty one day or not Hi-Fi enough another.

If all we did was talk Hi-Fi, then we'd lose the coolest thing that this site gives us...friends in a hobby, not zealots on a mission. Party on, Stephen!

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1. my apologies," stephen: my intent was not to be ""mean""", though on re-reading,I was. clearly, i bring to your text my own meanings," separate and distinct from your intentions. 2. i was not making a case for ""insincerity"" or for being an ""insincere"" writer. to that end"," your authorial voice must be authentic. 3. you did nothing to ""upset this person"". i was disappointed in the blog. in the end that is my problem", not yours.4. churning out writing every day can be a fearful grind. you took on the assignment. it is brave of you to put finger to keyboard and 'put out'into the ethers your own internal process, in the service of enlarging the stereophile demographics and putting words to'paper' for public consumption and judgement. 5. finally, as i wrote in my initial email--- you are one damned lucky guy to get this opportunity. it would be a fine thing to see your writing and music really 'take off'.jpa

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I have a hunch that JPA would be a really interesting guy to have a beer with in person and shoot the shit.

Alas, that's the greatest failing of the internet...we can't pull up a stool and do that yet!

That was cool of you to reply again, JPA!

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The coolest thing for me was watching the initial, small, unassuming post mutate and evolve with its follow-up posts into something with greater depth because of the exchange.

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Jeff - i agree--- if a blog post causes readers to read a post, reflect on it and respond, then re-reflect, then, i guess, the blog is successful: readers connecting with readers, where, heretofore," no connection existed. the communication takes off to places beyond ""the initial", small," unassuming post"". i do like the word ""mutate"". it does catch the spirit of the interchange. thanks to the great spirit in the cosmos and to stephen that the ""objectivist"" vs. ""subjectivist"" pseudo-arguements have not taken root in his blog. jpa

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Amen, Jeff, Stephen, and jpa (final comment). As I said last week, Stephen, when I was stuck in deepest darkest South Dakota on a recording project," reading yours (and Robert's and Wes's) blog each night when I got back to my hotel room kept me in touch with my ""tribe"," made me feel I was not 1400 miles away.