Vagaries and Vicissitudes

It's interesting: A small change can make such a big difference. I wake up, force myself out of bed, walk into my living room, and stop to admire the so-slightly-revised layout. So slight, the revision is, but I love it. It just seems right. It seems


In the office, I'll let you know, the guys sometimes make fun of the way I choose to break my lines. I don't blame them. But, I do have a reason. It's about rhythm and soul. It's hi-fiku. Also, of course, it's not unprecedented. Others may know it from elsewhere, but I take it from JP Donleavy’s bawdy and beautiful novel, The Ginger Man. Donleavy writes as if he created language. The book was a favorite of mine. Not so anymore, but it was good for the time. I stole it, like so many other things, while I was in college. College, a collage of blurry photographs in yellow and green.

These days, I steal from other sources. I steal from Wes Phillips and Art Dudley and Jonathan Scull, among others. In an e-mail subjected, "Yoo hoo, speaker placement...", J-10 reminds me of four very fine tunes dedicated to the hand claps and toe-ins and all other sorts of "vagaries and vicissitudes of system setup and maintenance."

Oh, I knew they existed, J-10. I was just making sure you were paying attention.

Buddha's picture

I still keep those awesome Fine Tunes suggestions in the back of my brain.

That was a terrific series of helpful tidbits.

J-10 created the Hints From Heloise of Hi-Fi.

I got to meet him briefly at HE 2006. I was struck by how cheerful and still interested in things Hi-Fi he seemed to be.

Now, I'm getting a chuckle picturing you walking around your apartment clapping.

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Buddha, you really, REALLY wanna know about your room? Forget handclaps, as a former musician who had to learn to clap the same way everytime, I can tell you," they are worthless. Go get two 18"" pieces of 2x4 and hinge them into a ""white trash clapper"" (patent pending) and smack those babies together. then you line your primary reflection angles with tin foil.... never mind.