Remember when we first met — standing at the bar, admiring the jukebox's warm glow? How I somehow got around to telling you about that $90,000 turntable? It almost seems silly now. The small talk of first meetings often does, I suppose, seem silly. But not ours. Nothing "silly" about it. And nothing small. I don't know what made me think I should mention it — this silly turntable — but, a day later, you'd call and leave a message saying you'd like to hear more. "Fascinating," was the word you used.

Fascinating. Fascinating. Fascinating. I replayed the message a million times, as though it was a favorite song, just to hear the word come from your lips. No "just" about it. Already, then, I was falling in love with you.

Yes, well, I finally got a chance to listen to the silly thing. And let me tell you: it was beautiful.

Remember Sunday morning, listening to the Buena Vista Social Club's Ibrahim Ferrer chanting, "Dos gardenias para ti..."? We danced around the kitchen, dreaming of all the bright colors in Cuba. Te quiero, te adoro, mi vida. I told you I was sorry I'd never had the chance to see him perform live.

Yes, well, on this day — black vinyl spun by the silly $90,000 turntable — I came as close as I'll ever get. Ten years were stripped from his golden voice, ten years of warm winds blown from the grooves. I wish you were there. I wish you were there. We would have danced as though we were the only ones in the room. You and I, and Ibrahim.

At the end of the song, I wanted to applaud. You were right, love. It was, it is: fascinating.

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Hi Stephen,You sure do get it. The BVSC is a favorite of mine, too. When I first got it on CD upon its first release, I couldn't stop playing it. In a way it held the same fascination for me as the soundtrack to Big Night did when I first got it ... not for any particular recording quality, but to enjoy the beauty and innocence of authentic emotion laid bare. Having BVSC on vinyl is even better.$99,500.00 for a record player? No ... it's a time machine, it's a virtual reality generator, it is simply the best instrument of its kind, bar none. To call the Continuum a record player is to call a Bugatti Veyron a Jalopy," Thomas Keller a ""cook"," the Koh-i-noor a rock. Yes, Continuum will trickle down it's technology. But the Caliburn is a statement, a roadmap, a challenge to the standards and traditions of the craft, and a supreme example of what is possible when you push the experts"" aside and let progress through.My favorite cut is the first", Chan Chan. I'm a sucker for brilliant introductions.Ch