Druids and Definition

Beck Hanson pokes his little pink head up and out from between a pair of Druids.

Call me on your way back home, dear, because I miss you.

It was dark and completely silent — silent — when I walked into the Zu room. I wondered if something was wrong. By the time I'd decided to take a seat in the comfortable couch, however, Ryan Adams was nearly in tears.

The Zu room was remarkably different from all other rooms I visited. Maybe it was the dim lighting that created the quiet mood. Showgoers were hushed; the space was as still as a library or a lecture hall or a church.

I enjoyed it.

Adam Decaria provided a quick and simple demo, switching back and forth between Zu's Druid ($2800/pair) and the larger Definition ($9000/pair) loudspeakers. I found the Definitions to exhibit more drama, weight, and speed, while the Druids seemed more laidback.

I preferred the latter.