Random Encounters, Random Songs

I totally agree with Wes. My favorite part of any show is meeting with fellow tribe members.

I love the random greetings and conversations.

I was relieving our marketing associate, Jaime Rosov, playing Booth Babe — handing out comp copies of Stereophile, Home Theater, and Shutterbug — when Bryan Bilgore of Polargreen, Inc., walked over.

The conversation began and ended with music, of course. "There's no point in having CDs anymore," Bryan told me.

He keeps all of his songs on music servers. He loves the random playback.

"I get to hear songs from albums that I've completely forgotten about."

And, sometimes, he explained, those random songs touch him in ways they hadn't previously. Leland Leard of Music Hall said something similar while we listened to Jenny Lewis and Gnarls Barkley. And so did Jon Iverson one afternoon as we enjoyed another lunch buffet in the hotel restaurant. And later, there were meetings in the press room and meetings in the halls with fellow writers and music lovers.

Bryan and I said goodbye about five times before actually parting — of course, we'd run into each other again at the bar — and, of course, the conversation ended with music.

Bryan had to get inside to listen to the John Atkinson Trio.

"I'll meet you in there," I said.

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I agree and disagree, servers are the way to go. I have put my collection on my PC system (I posted photos in the Gallery) and the random feature is great. I love when you get the connected yet random tracks with shared artists or connected histories. I disagree in that there are still times, when I want and album and I still love an artist that can make a great album. Although, the random feature sometimes hits an old track that reminds you of an old album you haven't listened to in a while. Speaking of albums, anything new that you have hooked onto? I recently picked up Ray Lamontagne's Trouble CD after seeing a replay of him on Austin City Limits. I am totally digging this record right now. That and the new Racounteurs CD.