If you're ever in LA, visit Kanpai for some of the best sushi you'll ever experience.

The brilliant Peter Kagawa took care of us. "You guys are basically a level ten," he told us. "You're willing to try anything."

After a day of listening to endless rooms of lovely music, yes, we were willing to try anything. And we were happy that we did.

Peter Kagawa's picture

Wow!!! I didn't expect to see my name on here. Thanks for mentioning me and Kanpai. I hope you guys had fun while you were in LA. I hope you learned a little bit about Japanese culture and sushi. If you come out to LA send me an e-mail prior to arriving and I'll make sure you try something exquisite. :P Sorry I couldn't make it to the trade show. The day you guys came to the restaurant was actually my birthday. I had a VIP customer from Nebraska who had called in earlier in the week to let me know he was coming. I couldn't let him down. So I ended up celebrating my birthday on Sunday. Thanks for the offer. I appreciated your hospitality and invitation. Take Care and say hello to everyone for me... PeterP.S. - Great Website!!!