Totally Pumped

My first record cleaning purchases: A Hunt EDA carbon fiber brush for dry-cleaning (footnote 1), a MoFi brush for wet-cleaning, a couple bottles of MoFi fluid (Super Deep Cleaner for the really nasty records, and Super Record Wash for the plain old dirty ones), 100 Polyline inner sleeves (because of all the different options these were the least expensive per sleeve, but, at some point, I'd like to try the MoFi rice paper sleeves), and 100 4-mil outer sleeves (because 4-mil seemed just thick enough, and because I liked the packaging).

I am totally pumped to spend some time bonding with my record collection. Seriously.


Footnote 1: At past Consumer Electronics Shows and Home Entertainment Shows, I always wondered what that thing was that manufacturers would use on their spinning records before lowering needle to vinyl. Now I know.

Ken Mac's picture

Can you post on the results you obtain between the Super Deep Cleaner and the Super Record Wash? I use a solution of distilled water/alcohol/Kodak Photo-Flow (85/10/5) with great results, but am curious to see how well the MoFi fluids work. Best, Ken Mac

Stephen Mejias's picture

Hi Ken.
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will post my thoughts regarding the differences between the two MoFi cleaners, and I'll also try to determine what advantages, if any, the MoFi cleaners present over a homemade brew.