Very Loud

Since 5:43pm yesterday evening, the sun and rain have been engaged in some sort of wild tango — the sunshine whips the rain furiously across the dance floor, the rain stomps forcefully upon the sunshine. One moment is blue and gold, the next is streaked with gray. Lightning and thunder have me constantly looking over my shoulder and out onto the City rooftops. All that I can see is wet and droopy and confused. This type of weather makes me wonder what we've done wrong. Why are we being punished? I blame it on Elizabeth. This is what happens when people go on vacation.

By now, John must be at DUP's place, listening to whispers, searching for truth.

DUP is a Forum member who seems so very certain that his system can out–perform any other and so very certain that his listening abilities are of the highest order. His reference speakers are the Legacy Whispers [click the link and watch as the Whispers fade in and out of your life], and since we'll be running a review of the Whispers in an upcoming issue, JA felt this visit would be a great opportunity to learn more about both: DUP and the speakers. DUP has advised:

I recently upgraded to....WHISPERS. Legacy Audio makes the finast speakers available, priced in the real world, for mortals, designed by a speaker whiz engineer. GET IT !!!!

And has enthused:

I told you everything sucks once you go WHISPER.

I'm looking forward to hearing what JA thinks about this.

I just heard from JA. Over a rush of noise, similar to the thunder outside, he says: "DUP is nice, but he listens to his music very loud."

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LOL, like that was a surprise? I'm glad to hear Dup is a decent guy. You gotta love his enthusiasm, if not his demeamor.

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Glad he's nice at some level. From reading what he posts, I suspect he listens so loud because he is deaf.

I guess Whisper"" is a single-word oxymoron.

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What happened to change the plan? I thought you and Jeff were going to accompany JA on the DUP visit. Of course, he listens to his music LOUD," it is background for his oratory. As for the ""nice guy"" label", how many people have you heard John describe in a pejoritive way? He's got to be one of the world champs at giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, bless his heart. Don't forget that you and JA owe those of us who have put up with some of DUP's stuff a bit more detail than that he likes his music loud.

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DUP doesn't just listen to his music loud. And not just very loud. He plays his music VERY LOUD. When the first notes erupted from the behemoth Whispers, John and I simultaneously turned to each other with raised eyebrows; we must've looked like the Marx Brothers doing their mirror in the doorway routine.That said, DUP was a lovely host and is a nice guy who is passionate about music. I also have to admit he won me over in the Culpeper thread with his hilarious line," ""DAD? That you"," where you been hiding?""

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DUP's system is optimized to do one thing better than almost any other system I have heard, which to capture the dynamic range and impact of live rock, particularly at low frequencies. His system's bass was superbly defined and extended and went extraodinarily loud without getting muddy, boomy, or distorted. The kick drum and bass guitar from an SACD of Jimmie D. Lane and Double Trouble track were visceral," reproduced by the Whispers' 8 15"" woofers. When I got home", a similar Stevie Ray Vaughan track on my system sounded _tiny_, Lilliputian, rock music performed by midgets with toy instruments. But with respect to DUP, who in person was fun to hang out with, my system, based on the little Snells that I review in the June issue, did space, midrange, and treble to a level of sophistication that I want DUP to hear for himself. But a fun road trip. Thanks Carl (DUP).

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Forgot to mention: Carl played Jeff and me some cuts off a Matt Oree CD. This guy is indeed a monster guitarist.

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You guys are great. I mean that. Jeff, yeah, I have to admit I busted out laughing at that one myself.