A Bag of Hammers

Well, Elizabeth is off to Italy. Ciao, bella!

In her absence, we're making as much sense as a bag of hammers. Clifton's letting loose tears of poesy, Buddha's revealing the mysteries of the JA–Vinci Code while "being played" by both Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, and I'm pee–ing pure gold.

Ah, sweet life. I love you, love.

Over in MPS land, we've posted three new remixes of classic tracks originally recorded by Antonio Valenti of Hinchkraft Studios. These little darlings are so darn old, I don't even remember recording them. That doesn't say too much, though, because I used to drink a lot back then. Whatever.

In any case: these three songs kick so much bootie I can't stand it. Listen as we speed up and slow down uncontrollably.

An Evening Shit in the Street
Superman's Flying, Guns are Shooting

Seriously: listen. I'm amazed at how awesome we are. We're better than Avenged Sevenfold or whatever else my little sister is listening to.

Yo, Primedia: Send us to LA for the Home Entertainment Show. We'll play for food and make you cool.

Buddha's picture

Crap. Sorry for doubling up. I forgot to mention...I wonder if the vocals are out of phase with the rest of the recording.

Jim Teacher's picture

Oh they're out of phase, all right. Out of phase with the world.

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>I wonder if the vocals are out of phase with the rest of the recording.Heh. When we first started, we'd practice in a basement - very loud, impossible to hear the vocals. I knew Pete was a brilliant lyricist (I put him up there with anyone in the history of songwriting.) but I had no idea of what he sounded like. When I heard our very first recordings, I was like, What the hell is he doing?!"" Now", I, of course, love it, and can imagine nothing else, nothing better. At the time of these recordings, it's also important to note, we had no bass player. Bass was only added much later. Pete, JA has explained to me, was singing without a firm foundation. Now, with live bass, Pete has something to stand on. Bass offers us all, actually, more room to do less. It's good.

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This is antonio from hinchkraft studios. i'd like to point out that this is one of the first bands i've ever recorded. I was one of the few that started out with the whole "computer home recording" not yet popular at that time. since then i've grown much more in experience, and i felt that such wonderful music as MPS needed to be resurfaced, and truely remixed. It wasn't easy, due to my quality at that time, but it's all in fun to hear. i only hope to re-gain that experience once more. . this time i'll be up to speed.