More Green

As the plane approached the chaos of John F. Kennedy International Airport, I turned my head towards the small oval window to look out onto the bright City skyline.

None of these towers of steel and concrete and glass — their spires stabbing the night and bloodying the blackness with sickly fluorescent glow — could say a word about the magnificence of mountains. It was a struggle for power, as if the City was afraid of being overcome and had waged war with the sky. I felt no life, saw no beauty. In comparison to the miracle of green and perfect balance of Vermont's truth and quiet, this unreal sky seemed small, insignificant, a shame.

In my dream, John drove while I sat in the passenger seat, looking out to green parks filled with sunshine. John asked, "Stephen, do you think you'll want to stay in New York City your entire life?"

The question surprised me. I answered honestly: "Well, John, I've been thinking that I'd like more trees in my life. More green. Some mountains would be nice."

"Ah, that's good," John replied. "Because I've been thinking of moving the magazine out of the city."

The answer surprised me.
That's all I remember.

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Kareem: nice. At least I didn't get Manut Bol...I must say though, I want what Buddha's having. Please?

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gee,did not even know mag was in the city

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Maybe it wasn't a dream. It could be some kind of Vulcan mind meld. Austin is real green...humid, hot and sweaty, but real green. Wes could even go bike riding with Lance. That would be enough to get his vote, I suspect.

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Well, one good thing about living in America these past six years, I have learned what you

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Buddha - He oiaio ua naauao oukou a he poe hupo makou.

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>Obviously, JA is telling us that he

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Heaha ko kela puu pahi umiumi, upa, pahi, kamaa lio me na lei-pipi?

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O ka paikini ia i keia wa. PS: I'd like to played by Harrison Ford.

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I'd like to be played by Benicio del Toro. Or Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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I'd like to be played by Sean Penn. Am I in the movie?

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>Am I in the movie? Totally. And Sean Penn is a good choice. John DeVore will be played by Kareem Abdul Jabar.

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I dunno Stephen, you seem a little closer to Buscemi than Benicio. I, of course, am hoping to be represented by four David Bowies stacked on top of one another.

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Gerza ma tooghalah'

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If buddha is going to be played by both Keira and Scarlett then I'd like to play myself and have a lot of input regarding the script...

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True, true. It's hard to forget that giant footprint on Brue Lee's chest.