Vinyl Sooner

Recent CD purchases that I need to buy all over again on vinyl, in alphabetical order (obviously):

Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
Cat Power: Jukebox
Dengue Fever: Venus On Earth
Devendra Banhart: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Devotchka: A Mad and Faithful Telling
Joanna Newsom: Ys
Man Man: Rabbit Habits
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
PJ Harvey: White Chalk
Radiohead: In Rainbows
She & Him: Volume One
Sun Kil Moon: April

And some older necessary favorites:

Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene
Iron & Wine with Calexico: In The Reins
Joanna Newsom: The Milk-Eyed Mender
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The Lyre of Orpheus
Silver Jews: Tanglewood Numbers
Smog: A River Ain't Too Much To Love
Songs: Ohia: The Magnolia Electric Co.
Sonic Youth: everything they ever recorded
Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise
TV On The Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes and Return to Cookie Mountain

There are certainly many more, but I can't stand to go on. I wonder if this is how it feels to discover that you should have imported all of your songs as WAV or lossless files instead of MP3s. Crap! You see: If I had gotten into vinyl sooner, I would have actually saved money!

I blame the White House.

Douglas Bowker's picture

Oh yeah- that Cat Power is nice on the double reocrd version. She looks good on 12" art...

Lionel's picture

Ys is one of the best-sounding vinyl pressings I've ever owned. Highly recommended on vinyl.

bob's picture

anybody ever hear jethro tull?

Christian's picture

Definitely that Bon Iver record. That is such a beautiful album. I have been searching all over the city for that one. Sold out everywhere, I was told at the last place I went to they would be getting more on Friday, maybe Monday. I hope it's Friday and I hope that my turntable gets delivered in time for the weekend. I would also add the Iron and Wine - Sheppard's Dog to that list. Oh, and how about Neil Young - Prairie Wind on glorious 200g vinyl (200 GRAMS!!!). Man you've got me hooked and I haven't even smoked from the pipe yet.

Stephen Mejias's picture

12" of Cat Power. Mmm...Christian: Yeah, man. That Bon Iver record just cries to be heard on vinyl. I've got to track one down. I hope your copy comes in and you get to listen to it this weekend! And right on about Shepherd's Dog. It's another one of those albums, like For Emma, that just seems made for vinyl. I've had the digital files for awhile now, but after finally picking up the vinyl copy, I'm hearing all sorts of nuances that I missed. Truly great music and a truly great recording.Can't wait to hear Ys on vinyl, too, Lionel. Joanna Newsom seems to know a thing or two about good sound.