Living With Neil Young

Over in the Music Room, I posted some additional thoughts on Neil Young's blaring and beautiful Living With War.

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Hey Stephen. It has been a while since I have posted a response, but wanted to say hello again. I like the recent posts, the inclusion music tracks is very cool. In fact yesterday, the weather here was so nice I decided to take a bit of a walk on my way home to stop at Sam's to see if they had the Rye Coalition CD. Sam's is a landmark here in T.O. (if you are ever here it is a definite must for music purchases, along with Grigorian's) and they always seem to have at least one copy of everything. I figured they were my best chance at finding the CD; short of ordering on the internet. Sure enough they did. I played most of it last night, and what a fun album. There was a big grin on my face as each riff passed by. There definitely is a new/old rock movement afoot. If you liked the Rye Coalition stuff, I would recommend Wolfmother's new CD. It is similar, but with more of a Sabbath/Zeppelin feel to it. This may kill it," but it kind of reminds me of the Darkness without being ""campy"".

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Hi Christian!
Thanks for writing. I'm very happy to hear you decided to buy the Rye Coalition disc, and happier to hear that you're enjoying it. There's certainly a lot to grin about; a lot of cheekiness, but just so well done. Sometimes I think Rye is better at being AC/DC than AC/DC. You're right: when I first heard Wolfmother, I said to myself," ""This sounds a lot like Rye."" Curses is actually Rye's fourth full-length. If you go back and listen to the others", I think you'll notice a very interesting evolution in their sound and influences.