Nobody Somebody Nobody Knows

It's hard for me to believe that all of today's sunshine will soon be replaced by clouds and rain. Then again, there's no reason to trust in whimsical April. The forecast calls for the sky to fall at about 6pm EST. Right now, at 4:55pm EST, the tall, brick buildings outside my window are blanketed in golden warmth. I'm usually not so in touch with the weather's hourly report, but there's a special circumstance keeping me curious.

And then: We're working on so much. Every day there's something new. This afternoon has handcuffed us with IRMA forms and shipping labels. Elizabeth is working as far in advance as she can possibly see. Robert is decorating the walls of his Music Room. I've filled today's tiny bits of space with Ryan Adams' "Strawberry Wine."

Sounding as close as we can to a teary Neil Young, we drink up and sing:

Can you still have any famous last words
If you're nobody somebody nobody knows?

WonkoTheSane's picture

I steal out the window like I'm using the door"" seems like more appropriate Ryan Adams for a new office at work", deosn't it?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Right on.